Pastry Shop

Enjoy Greek delicacies such as Baklava, Koulourakia, Kourambiedes, and much, much more.  Take some home, share them with your friends!

For your convenience, please note that Cash, Mastercard, VISA and Discover credit cards are accepted at many of the festivals booths. On site ATM also available throughout the festival.

Greek Cookies


The classic Greek Pastry, Filo layered with nuts, baked to a golden brown and covered with spiced syrup.


A delicate butter cookie covered with powdered sugar.

Almond Cookie

A round butter cookie topped with almonds and a candied cherry.


These are a coarse-grained cookie soaked in a honey syrup.

Koulourakia - By the Dozen

Twisted butter cookies great for an after school snack or with coffee.

Baklava Plate

Five Baklava triangles for you to share.

Assorted Pastry Plate

Comes with baklava, kourambiedes, almond cookie, and koulourakia .

Greek Pastries

Baklava Cheesecake

Traditional cheesecake topped with Baklava.


Sweet, thin rolls of deep fried pastry dough, topped with syrup, cinnamon and nuts.


Chocolate custard inside two chocolate cake layers and topped with chocolate.


Sponge cake filled with nuts and topped with syrup.

Chocolate Baklava

Traditional Baklava made better by dipping it in chocolate.